We wrote a book!

This was never on the agenda. It wasn’t even till the end of the road trip that the idea was suggested by Parul. We thought about it and stashed it away for another day. Then, life happened. We got busy with the trite of existence and the project lay somewhere on the shelves. But it had a tenacious grip on our subconscious. We actively started thinking about it once again when Parul drafted a chapter as an anniversary gift last year. It was a difficult process - what to include and what to not, given that we already had the blogs for each leg of the travel; how do we make the book speak from two points of views; should it be just about the destinations or something more. It eventually took another of my infamous breaks between jobs to push the project to the finish line.

Special shout out to our friends: Aniket for proofreading and suggesting edits, Nitesh for helping us design the cover, and Vedang for suggesting that we add a subtitle. Everyone else that we wish to thank probably has a mention in the book itself 🙂

Here are the links to the Kindle edition (we are still thinking about the paperback) and Goodreads. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it 🙌